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well well well

library means pussy!!!
haha also you forgot to give Akira Yamaoka for that silent hill 2 song in the beginning.


You would had gotten a 0 from me if you used EgoRaptor people use him voice cause it's a sure fire to get frontpage what stupid goals people have. Nice job though u did good drawing and I guess ill give u a 7 even though you used a girl ego raptor constantly uses. Can't wait to see your 100% uncopyrighted flash with your own characters. music, etc. A cast that got famous from your series not the other way around.


I bet black guys from the projects love this!

8 out of teh 10

and a 4 becuz egoraptor isn't in it! THANK GOD! if he was you wouldn't had been blammed nice drawing. I love how sprite shows are dying kids are learning to draw!!! woot!


let's take movie trailer sounds and compile together to sticks. If you watch it without the trailer stuff it's not reallly that good at all. JOE ZOMBIES some other crappy stick. Drawing is just way to heard. I suppose if you're this is just practice with anatomy. It seems like you just made this combining the trailer. I give it a 4 beacause if you watch it without the sounds that's what its like, and i'm sure if u made your own sounds it would be a 6. See how you dont use yours you can't be capable of making any.

Manfreak responds:

wtf? make my own sounds, wat are you talking about. do you even realise that 50% of a movie is made up of sound. no shit that if i take away the sounds it will be crap, no reason to give me a 4 omfg. do you go to the movies and say "this movie would be shit without sound so i think its crap". also i animate sticks because i prefer it. its smoother and i like the look of them. i wouldnt animate full body even if i could. y do people always give crap ratings because of the style. i fuking hate anime but i dont rate anime cartoons down because of it.


Don't think I won't you flithy bitch!

great man

Besides this being EgoRaptor'sToolGrounds. This was great originial took time!
This could had been done with any voice actor. He's just as bad as the fat kids dressed up in naturo outfits who yells quotes from anime thinking their funny while they wait in line to get into the convention of WAIT HE IS ONE OF THEM. See page 2 for bleach quotes!

aw nah

Come one try harder Voice ACCCCCCCCCTTTTTTTTINGGGGG ISNT HARRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDd. That's why it's hard to make a living off of it. That's why you dont see too many people past 27 voice acting cause they went to college are in either too places for vo canadia and well u can search the other place.

right on

But i think egoraptor is in that crowd his ideas arn't orginial either and are copying someone else. HAHA SO FUNN. Conventions must love you no one else though.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Yea well he suk big dik too

has april fools came early?

How the hell is this up so high? Jesus I don't understand why people think it's harder to record audio for sprites than to actually draw flash. This requires no skill a 14 no 13 year old could make this. I'm not joking. For fear of internet friends deleting a bad review i gave it 3 stars instead of zero. Don't want to upset the 14 year old DBZANIME fanbase that only views Newgrounds.

Yo long time

Sup man it's Gamma been a long time dude. I don't blame you for quitting when you get older you do it. The majority of the people who watch these stuff is 10-16. Anyone at this stage can make a MARIOBALLZ fighting action movie. But it's good to see you gave it an ending. Ratings mean nothing on here. I gave you a 5 because well you know it's still a sprite movie. Taking copyrighted things making them do things isn't really entertainment.

Tekken mania man haha, I'm a huge fan of the Tekken series, I was happy to hear some of the tracks. I hate that I'm Here Now track from the trailers and opening. But the series is the shit. I'll try to get on Msn so we talk again man. I work for Paramount Vantage now, I wrote in the screenwriting department. Anyways man take care. Late! =)

You know how they say you always hurt the one you love... well it works both ways. yeah sorry i'm kind'a antinewgrounds now. my bad!


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